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Blessed Yule, Internet Pals! I hope the future is kinder to you than this year has been.

So it's Midwinter! Yule! Dies Natalis Sol Invictus! Saturnalia! And, yeah, Xmas. Which mostly stole all its good bits from the other things I said, from its date to its idea of a divine birthday to the giftgiving and tree decorating and so on. And oh boy did I get into an intense discussion with the Catholic priest post-Church this morning, after his stupid sermon ("yes, we took the date from the Romans, but the idea of god coming into the world, 2000 years ago, was unlike anything that had come before blah blah blah"). Grandpa wasn't pleased I did that, but whatever.

Anyway. Midwinter. It's a time for getting together with your family (urgh, have had WAY too much of them today) and friends (if only! but you're all just on the net), and celebrating surviving another year being over, and celebrating the sun being reborn. And looking forward to what the new sun and new year will bring!

It's been a weird year for me. If you told me at the start of term that now I'd be sitting here actually missing school, I 100% would not have believed you. But the bullies leave me alone now I'm a dangerous weirdo not just a weirdo; I'm so glad Mrs Richardson has gone and we've got our cool witch teacher, who is making me super enjoy and look forward to lessons, and sure I don't have any friends at school but I have my internet friends, and you mean the world to me. I wouldn't have survived the term without you, let alone be in a position where I actually am looking forward to next year. I'm super lucky - and I hope your luck turns around!

I'm mostly going to be away from the internet for New Year's, at my Dad's family (might manage to get to a net cafe sometimes?) but I want all my friends to know that I'm thinking of them, and they're in my heart, and I hope this new year will be better for them than the last. And I hope you manage to find some enjoyment in this season, even if you are alone or with a family that doesn't understand you. I love you all, and am thinking of you, and look forward to seeing what the new year brings you!

I mean, assuming we survive the millennium and everything doesn't crumble, like Angel says it will!

What Is Wicca? - Why Am I A Witch? - Altars & Sacred Spaces - Magick for Protection - Three-Fold Returns - Blessed Yule!