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Bullying is hard, so I need a harder wall to protect me

I'm having a tough time with the people at school at the moment, because they are all bullying bitches. Alice even cut a chunk off my hair the other day, and everyone laughed, and even Mrs Richardson just smirked. And then a few days later Alice and a bunch of others ran off with my bag, and put it in a bin with a tiny entrance, and as I was trying to fish it out Mrs Richardson came past and told me off! Sometimes I almost want a The Craft-style spell to make their hair fall out... But Wicca teaches the Law of Three-Fold Returns, and karma: trying to hurt someone hurts yourself just as bad, if not worse. So I don't want to hurt them, I just want them to leave me alone. I've been doing little rituals each day, trying to build up a fence to protect me, but I felt like I needed a big focal thing, a proper big magick working.

So yesterday evening I did a ritual for warding and protecting. I did it at midnight, on the full moon - so, as the moon waned, the bullying would be banished and wane too. I did it outside, in a clearing in the nearby woods, so I could be as close to the Lord and Lady as possible, and see the Moon, and have space to really build up power. I wanted to focus on building up a fence, and the bullies just bouncing off it and leaving me alone. I choose to mostly call on Athena (as the protectress of Athens, who gave Perseus a shield to fight Medusa, and cos I've got a statue of her) and Ptah (as the builder god, he seemed like he'd give good foundations for my wall, and I've got a pyramid I use to represent him).

I begun by raising a sacred space dedicated to Athena and Ptah, as I described before, then went onto the ritual itself. I started by making the circle, walking around the clearing clockwise three times, repeating:

"I conjure thee, oh great circle of power, so you will be for me a boundary; I call upon Ptah to build it and Athena's power to fill it; thus I do conjour thee, oh great circle of power!"

Then I went to the North. I knelt, and pictured Ptah and the buildings of Ancient Egypt, and said:

"Oh Ptah, builder, solid as the Earth, help me tonight to build a wall to repel my bullies"

Then I did the same with Artemis the Moon-goddess archer in the East as Air; Athena Nike in her warrior form as the Fire in the South; Hecate goddess of witches as Water in the West. Then finally I went back to the middle, to my altar with my statue and my pyramid, and said:

"Oh Lord and Lady, Ptah and Athena, divine Spirit, lend me your wisdom and your power to build a wall to repel my bullies"

Now the circle was built, and the Five Elements called. I lit the candle on the altar, and focussed on its light, and the way its light flickered over Athena's shield and Ptah's pyramid, focussing on that strength and protection, asking again and again for their help to build a wall to repel my bullies.

Then I danced around the altar whilst asking them for their help, spiralling around inside the circle, faster and faster, concentrating on the power building up, winding up like a grandfather clock, imagining the power weaving together like an wattle fence, strands entwining and protecting, until I was absolutely SPRINTING. Then I was very giddy, I could feel the power thrumming up!

I went back to the altar, and pictured the wattle fence shrinking, so it wasn't as big as the whole circle but just surrounded me, protected me. I stood there, legs apart and looking up at the Moon, and then slowly raised my arms up until they were stretching all the way up to her, and concentrated on sending all the excess energy I'd raised upwards:

"Oh Moon Goddess, take this energy I have raised. Help me build a wall to protect me from the bullies; as you wane let their bullying wane too. May this working not reverse, or place upon me any curse. So mote it be."

Then I grounded myself, lowering my arms again and feeling my feet burrow into the floor, letting the calm and strength of Mother Earth fill me. And then centred myself, pulling my attention inwards to my belly. With all the energy mostly dissipated or in my wall, I thanked the Lord and Lady and all the elements in reverse (to close the quarters), and walked slowly anticlockwise around to release the circle. Then I thanked everything on my altar, carefully wrapped it up, and headed off home and to sleep. Which I'm going to do again now, it was a long night yesterday!

What Is Wicca? - Why Am I A Witch? - Altars & Sacred Spaces - Magick for Protection - Three-Fold Returns - Blessed Yule!